Shortcuts is an audio visual album consisting of 15 soundtracks visualized by 15 artists or collectives from different fields. In total the album is about 30 minutes long and has immerse diversity both visually and musically. Shortcuts approaches a contra-punctual thesis: the visual language as the core of a tonal project.

This endeavour comprehends circa 40 people involved and it features the work of:
Ástvaldur Axel Þórisson & Paolo Combes, Gabriella Marina González, Hidekazu Gondal Wakabayashi, Alejandro Salinas Albrecht, Julian Clyne, Fernando Velázquez, Trucker das Schlossgespenst, Tim Slim, Balz Isler, Romain Iannone, Þorvaldur Sigurbjörn Helgason, Christoph Bruns & Andreas Lamøth, Achtungrael, Za Meunier and Joseph Campbell.