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With a lifelong passion for quality and character, PANG™ develops ranges of products to fulfill all imaginable sonic desires.

The brand was born in 2017 when two young icelandic entrepreneurs - Ástvaldur Axel Þórisson and Emil Svavarsson - noticed an unmet consumer need for high end sound products.

Proceeding with the ambitious business of meeting those demands, PANG™ has developed products with a unique vision. Creating thoroughly designed and universally applicable goods, the team rose up to the challenge of their entrepreneurial credentials with an instinctive feel for customers' needs and a singular ability to manufacture aspirational, innovative and forward-thinking products. It's style over substance in a world which has decidedly opted in. It's substance over style for customers that care.

Day by day, the young Icelandic brand establishes itself further in the flourishing market of sound products, steadily becoming a global leader in a field that has embraced their distinct qualities and premium production methods.

You are invited to a brighter, better sounding future with PANG™.

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